Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Jan'13 // Chania Photography Workshop

I just came back to Brighton from Chania, my hometown.

During my stay in Chania I met some really talented eyes from the photography club ΛΕΦΚΙ.

My workshop on Subjective Photography inspired my new learners and hopefully it will help them focus on their personal projects. I now have my Year 1's and my Year 2's. They call me "teacher". It seems that we are creating a "photography college" where creativity, imagination and emotions are intermixed.

Here is to more meetings and brainstorming moments. Thank you all, you are amazing...

editing amazing photos...
some of my Year 2's.

editing more amazing photos

and more editing with Year 2's. All amazing! 

Cyclic, as usual...

My Year 1's...

me, between darkness and light. Photo taken by Nikos Kampianakis

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