Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fundraising for Japan

Please support the MEESA
Teachers For Japan

Teachers For Japan is a nonprofit, all volunteer charity initiative dedicated to the cause of rebuilding education in northern Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, 2011.

Here is Anna's story narrated by her




A happy update:
Anna is alive! She is officially safe and sound and back in the UK.

Her local friends found her alive in her apartment on Monday 14th of March. Thank you all!
Hopefully there will be happy news for more people!

There is a way to help.

For those who want to donate, here is an appeal made from past and present English language assistant teachers in the Miyagi area.

(On behalf of Sof, Amanda, Dave, Beth, Julie, Erika, Zack and many other Miyagi Interac ALTs past and present):

they are on the ground in Sendai right now and are providing emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by this monumental disaster.The people of Miyagi are a hardy bunch of rice farmers and fishermen, but have hearts of gold and have shown us all nothing but kindness during our time there! I know it's Japan and you may think it's a rich country but believe me, this is one of the poorest, most rural parts and the destruction is unprecedented. Thank You for donating. x


To all people in Japan: be strong and brave! I wish your hope to blossom like the cherry trees.

For those who have loved ones still missing try to be positive. Alert their local friends to go and look for their whereabouts.
There are places with no electricity or water. Communications are difficult.
And don't trust 100% the
google people search if they say that the person is dead. Have faith and be patient.

Here is some advice that Red Cross has on contacting family in Japan.


Anna has been teaching English in Tagajo-shi, city of Sendai, Miyagi since September. After the earthquake she had no electricity and access to the internet. Her family and friends were worried. A false death report in Google people search never convinced us that she is dead. Her friend Bertie put a new announcement and I made this post to let people know that Anna is missing. For some reason we were all sure Anna is alive. All of her friends and her family believed in her strength and kept positive, exchanging words of hope. And she is alive. On Monday her local friends John, Greg, Chris and maybe more who I don't know went to her apartment to find her alive. We are all relieved...And now wish for good news for other people as well.


dave said...

Also waiting for news & in touch with her Dad, Nick.

Anonymous said...

The British Embassy in Tokyo are currently trying to contact Anne. If anybody has a mobile tel no or e-mail address please could post it here asap

Anonymous said...

The British Embassy in Tokyo are currently trying to contact Anne. If anybody has a mobile tel no or e-mail address please could post it here asap

dave said...

many thanks for your updates everyone.

Anonymous said...

Have been trying to get through on mobile 080-4079-0855 but the entire network is down there.

From the looks of the geography, the Oshika peninsula may have protected that area from the worst of the tsunami, so hoping for the best news.

Anonymous said...

Possibly encouraging news from BBC:


"We've clarified that some British language teachers on a local government sponsored language training programme [...] are safe... So far, none of the community organisations that we have been in touch with have reported any British casualties." (1209)

Eva said...

Read more:

Among Britons trying to reach loved ones, which proved difficult due to phone lines going down, were relatives of graduates on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (Jet) programme.

A co-ordinator at the London office said between 300 and 400 Britons are in Japan.

She said: “We are still trying to get hold of them. Their parents are desperately trying to find out where they are.”

Concerned relatives were urged to phone the crisis line in London on 020 7008 0000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 020 7008 0000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

UK nationals in Japan were advised to make contact with the British Embassy in Tokyo on +(81) 3 5211 1100 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +(81) 3 5211 1100 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or the Consulate-General in Osaka on +(81) 6 6120 5600 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +(81) 6 6120 5600 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Asked about the possibility of British casualties, a spokesman for the Japanese embassy in London said: “So far as we are aware we haven’t heard of any at this stage. We hope there aren’t any of course but we can’t say for sure.”

Eva said...

A Japanese friend of Anna wrote that cell phone reception and internet are down all over Miyagi.On Monday her friends will be biking out to Tagajo to check Anna's apartment.

Japan is 9 hours ahead from the UK.

Eva said...

John and Chris, Anna's friends in Japan woke up and will start looking for Anna! It is 7 in the morning there.

A call for all her friends living in Japan to please try and reach her. She may be relocated in a rescue camp.

Anonymous said...

News from Facebook; Anna IS SAFE. Sigh of relief for all.

dave said...

Yes, her Dad has spoken to her by SKYPE this morning & she has apparently been staying in her appartment, throughout, with no comms or power until today. I am sure her Dad would like to thank all readers & contributors for their concern, support & contributions & especially Eva for setting up the blog. Phew !!

Eva said...

yes, Anna is alive! I couldn't sleep yesterday but today news are amazing news!